Drawing Attention to the Human Familiar

I focus on moments of unconscious behavior
All races presume their given places in the

Basic emotional truth of ugliness the finest
Moments look awful like life with children
All brothers and sisters looking level

I level the lens preserving lies about earth
Bearing codes of ourselves taking snapshots
Of deniable circumstance

I use my device to embrace the predicament
The handicap television, the commodity sitters

As stirring up chest hair poses to be sexy
In a marriage to fashion and preoccupation in
The universal traditions of tailored hair

I autograph a portrait of the anniversary of poverty
And pawn it for a manual film camera

The objects of my visions obscure the finest
Moments of stylized embarrassment

Counterfeiting the equivalent of memory
I compile cakes and pets and obvious inhibitions
Of children engrossed in the composition of birthdays.

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