Author: nyte

  • Doubt

    Suspended above my body, I watch and await Counting the seconds till I make my great escape Late since birth I haven’t arrived for my own scene Criticizing my own rights, I’ve ambushed my dreams So quick to doubt when my gift needs no holiday Recognized religiously, daily no matter how they pray On their […]

  • JayNitty

    unbreakable bond four years strong plastic females trap with their plastic love convinced they got you with what never really was with me its different she had 5 years of lies that left u distant unbreakable bond unafraid, strong, black (jaynitty and nyte, new york)

  • In Due Time

    its funny how time allows ink to dry, after the storm of watered down colors one shade magnifies, its funny how time allows a heart to mend, after the chords are pulled someone assists in reattaching them, its funny how time allows the worst to occur, after the pain the black and blue seem as […]

  • War

    a war of words & emotions erupts each night, a war leaving one doomed to stress and the other doomed to repeat his steps to the next fight, a war fought by two adults with no results besides more air to fill the gap, a pool of thoughts pours into my brain, the weight causes […]

  • untitled

    I must confess, I love you more than you’ll ever understand love you unconditionally even though only HALF of you is my man love you unconditionally even though you flirt yet consider it cool love you unconditionally–wait, damn I’m a fool! damn, where have I gone? my self worth slowly fades allowed the sweet words […]

  • Nevertheless

    Teary eyes look onto you for answers, Lies or truth, heaven in your arms now, not caring about after, Replaying reality in my mind, hoping something will change, Waking up from my sleep realizing that things are still the same, My heart aches for things you cannot fully understand, But I must be the bigger […]

  • Back and Forth

    Sometimes I wish I had the power To set u free from her devour It hurts me every time the thought crosses But then again my heart won’t allow the truth to process It can’t be me, denial is not in my system We have the click, the bond, the groove, the rhythm I believed […]

  • Uncover

    Magnify my deepest lie and uncover what I’ve kept inside Break through the thickest strides, the toughest barriers, the roughest rides And hidden beneath the moon, farthest away from the sun Lies the cobweb infested truth that I once thought was dead and passed overdone Unlocked and unleashed, destined to repeat Controlling the moves of […]

  • Trying

    A stray to this household yet we bare the same last name Confused on the apparent, I evade truth by pushing it away Just wanting to be held, cradled even, without a doubt lingering in my mind A dark figure that is of my loves seems clear yet hazy and hard to find Giving him, […]