Teary eyes look onto you for answers,
Lies or truth, heaven in your arms now, not caring about after,
Replaying reality in my mind, hoping something will change,
Waking up from my sleep realizing that things are still the same,
My heart aches for things you cannot fully understand,
But I must be the bigger person and allow you to grow as a man,
Loving you endlessly, I hold you closest to my heart,
Three times a charm, I knew you were special from the third avenue start,
I dry my eyes with tissue made from love and devotion,
Know that my love for you flows deeper than a river of emotion,
So even after all is said and done, after decisions have been made,
I want you to know that my friendship will never fade,
You’re my best friend, my better half, and it’s a shame that everyone sees it,
It just takes certain events in life to allow someone to truly believe it,
Be happy where you are, let one of us live well,
But know life is too short to pass by the rare diamonds you’ve been dealt,
Just let our friendship stay strong, our bond can never be broken,
These are the words of a silent mouth that’s spoken.

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