Back and Forth

Sometimes I wish I had the power
To set u free from her devour
It hurts me every time the thought crosses
But then again my heart won’t allow the truth to process
It can’t be me, denial is not in my system
We have the click, the bond, the groove, the rhythm
I believed u, I believe u, you’re confused, scared to choose
Left on a queen sized mattress in Harlem, I was afraid I would lose
A competition of affection, yet my love caressed your every ache and sore
My love couldn’t be embodied through word, even the public saw it for far more
You were too comfortable
Nestled in my heart, fell asleep in the warmth of my kiss
Occasionally seeing her, texting her while the curves of my body yearned for your lips
In love with two women
Some call you lucky, while others that know us both steer u my way
Knowing in the back of your mind that I am not here just for this present day
I try to be strong, even now, wiping away tears, yet u saw my pain
Embraced yet defaced I walk through your hood head held high yet sometimes I bare the feeling of shame
Cause she walks through this hood and they know, I don’t want the pity they secretly leak
I wonder if ill ever turn that corner and find myself a new street
I’m so afraid and alone, still feel your warmth on my sheets
Checkin my phone and its you when it rings
Not sure if I should pick up, I can’t resist this unknown thing
Counting the days although I don’t want us to be done
I wonder where we’ll stand when the baby comes.

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