Author: prince

  • am i my brothers keeper

    They ask am I my brother keeper,so I reply; “don’t I always have my brothers back in anytime of need” Cuz if not than how can I consist of him my brother, friend, partner, but most indeed some one from my mother womb and mainly my father seed. If there is a mountain my brother […]

  • Unspoken Love

    I wrote you never met you but I can tell god blessed you something special you are indeed I wish you can trust me and than you will see or maybe its just me saying that we were meant to be my feelings for you are very so deeply strong but don’t know why I […]

  • The Pain We Fought

    You see it cause I see it but you don’t bother to stop and stare cause to me its not fair to you it maybe just a blare to me its nothing rare You was there I was there I seen the pain when you ignored the pain it stood out in the cold dripping […]

  • Puppy Love

    You came to me when you needed a friend and I was there you came to me when you needed some one to lean on and I gave my shoulder we was young but now were older and still together kissing and touches gives flash backs to one another oh boy remember when we went […]

  • Lost Beauty

    She’s a beauty on the skin side she’s darkened on the inside she kneels and prays every day closing her eyes looking up at the sky she says to God you blessed me with a cures and I’m not sure if being born was worst you got me living a dream making everything look as […]