Puppy Love

You came to me when you needed a friend and I was there you came to me when you needed some one to lean on and I gave my shoulder we was young but now were older and still together kissing and touches gives flash backs to one another oh boy remember when we went through it with your mother we had some good time and we had some bad but we succeeded and that’s in the past every one on the block said we wouldn’t last cause I was young and wild but that’s when I was a child your bother never liked me but look at us now we so close there no tearing us apart I known through elementary school and we is still cool lol (laughing out loud) just had a flash back of when we use to sneak in the pool old man Sam always gave of a chance like the time we stood out side under the moon and just danced most people say it was puppy love but it was the best of it I’m writing this to let you know I love you and I would do anything for you cause to me your my soul mate in your own words we go together like chicken on a plate.

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