Unspoken Love

I wrote you never met you
but I can tell god blessed you
something special you are indeed
I wish you can trust me and than you will see or maybe its just me saying that we were meant to be my feelings for you are very so deeply strong but don’t know why I feel this way still for some reason I cant get you off my mind spending most of my time being so caught up in dazed on how you got me so amazed day dreaming of you and wishing to be with you but who would of thought I would have the childish and wildest crush on you but understanding you have a man makes me blue off the strength that he isn’t there for you making me wonder how could you be with him after what he put you through making me feel down I know what I must do I going to let you two be in a unspoken word of unspoken verbs and leave remember…if any things happens to you I would leave him six feet deep.

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