Author: sonya

  • Residual menthol

    Residual menthol. Tastes like you When I sip your drink. So sensual. How is it that the rum in this Bloody Mary Tastes like you? As he bangs his strings And he fondles his keys. She slaps her thigh As she teases her mike. Like your cocaine I am ready to explode. As these forces […]

  • The Show

    We were so good tonight. We had to prove it. Prove that we could keep it in check. And we did. We put on a good show. Each of us knowing… What the other was thinking. Begging each other not to go there. Begging each other to take it there. Begging each other to feel […]

  • Sometimes

    Sometimes I wind up alone Even though all I want is to keep talking to you. Sometimes I all I want is to just sleep on your couch. I know what that means. And then you say, “no honey, not tonight” “catch me on a Saturday.” But I just don’t want to cut this off, […]

  • Love is Fettered

    Love is fettered. And all I know is that I know nothing. Nothing of the beauty, nor the pain. No, I am not one to presume. But I know what it’s like to stay. To weld your lives together. With banged it into shape. It worked… for a while. We could have stored it safe. […]

  • Poem for Joe E

    I’ve never seen someone so untainted Until you. Never felt so safe and vulnerable at the same time. Until you. A beautiful diamond, And you showed me every facet from every angle. Your flaws, frustrations, loves, pains, and joys For a moment they were all the same and so utterly perfect. And still when I […]