Poem for Joe E

I’ve never seen someone so untainted
Until you.
Never felt so safe and vulnerable at the same time.
Until you.
A beautiful diamond,
And you showed me every facet from every angle.
Your flaws, frustrations, loves, pains, and joys
For a moment they were all the same and so utterly perfect.
And still when I close my eyes
I can feel what it was like
When there were no barriers.
When there was no difference between you and me.
When we were one.
The sound of your voice
Breaks them down again.
Almost like we were back there again.
And it makes me want to crawl back into you and rest.
When the water hits me in the shower,
When I’m lying in my bed,
When I let my mind rest.
When I feel my skin,
I can feel how you felt it.
As though I were you touching me.
I understand how you feel
When you feel loved.
I feel now that I will never know love like this.
Teach me to trust.
Teach me to believe
That it will come again.
For your beauty makes everything grey.
So let us let this go.
And let the sadness be.
We cannot cage this beautiful bird.
But let it be free
Where it can change the world.
For in our hands it will only lead to selfishness.
Despair and destruction.
Let us send it out
Into outer space.
To rain down again
And nourish those that wither.
Knowing that for a moment
It was ours.

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