Sometimes I wind up alone
Even though all I want is to keep talking to you.
Sometimes I all I want is to just sleep on your couch.
I know what that means.
And then you say, “no honey, not tonight”
“catch me on a Saturday.”
But I just don’t want to cut this off,
Just because it’s 3, and you’re done.
Can I just sleep, and then get an omelet with you,
When we are both more sane?
But you are gone all of a sudden and all I have to do is drive home.
And eat pre-sliced pepper jack.
And listen to these sounds we could have listened to together.
But you are beyond that
Been there.
Done that.
Just want to sleep.
And here I am
Alone again.
One of them is fishing.
One of them is taking pictures.
Many of us are sleeping with the one they know is wrong.
Many of us afraid of the truth.
We all go home at closing time.
Home to nothing.
Home to loneliness.
Home to emptiness.
Cuz we don’t know how to say ‘I love you.’
We can’t just say ‘I love you”
We know it’s impossible.
We know if we were to believe,
We would be let down.
We would form alliances.
There would be the one that doesn’t understand.
The one that says “hey, what’s going on here?”
‘That person is mine.
This person is yours.
I belong to you.
And you belong to me.’
Sometimes I wind up alone.
Even though all I want is to keep talking to you.
Sometimes we can’t have it all, all the time.
When “I love you” becomes a smoking gun.
You lie there bleeding.
And all I have to do is drive home…
Home to nothing.
Home to emptiness.
Home to loneliness.
Sleep my dear.
I will see you tomorrow with one more scar.

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