Author: Thomas Glory

  • Stars

    When the stars first leave the sky blank and dark Consciousness hopes to find a home resting for a moment while we await an answer The event shocks the soul, forcing a collective recognition of a star’s impact Time is crippled and slow to move forward Without restraint, we collect ourselves only to lash out […]

  • The Elliptical Evolutionary Circus Part I

    Splash in the waters of a different idea Where sunsets split heavens and bring tomorrows so near His caravan waits full circle, full mile Slumped over green hills brush warmth in a smile “Let’s leave and raise anchor,” just a figure of speech “As we leap straightforward there’s a lesson to teach” The Ringmaster is […]

  • Revolution

    In a small pool surrounded by sea A cold gray blanket let few lights break free Then the break of the century saw new innovation the birth of surreal life startled the nation The One of the four grew fragile but sure and the path he knew best was aesthetic and pure His chums were […]

  • Layers

    Try to strengthen the roots of our small little tree The branches appear weak too fragile to be; Know the things that you see are built best within me And others I should hide pressed hard, deep inside; Sure it feels fine To spill some red wine, As I know your secrets Soon you’ll know […]