In a small pool
surrounded by sea
A cold gray blanket
let few lights break free

Then the break of the century
saw new innovation
the birth of surreal life
startled the nation

The One of the four
grew fragile but sure
and the path he knew best
was aesthetic and pure

His chums were creative
in stillness and art
yet his soul was restless
between shoulders apart

The Two of the four
had a chord as his core
and a father who loved
to dance on the door

The tilt of his eyes
hung sad at a glance
behind them a knight stood
with a long electric lance

The Three of the four
made an early hospital tour
saw many sweet things
a few feet from the poor

A gift for carefree
He could play the fool
and provide a back beat
like the old classic cool

Last the Four of the four
quietly waited for sure
and when given the chance
revealed what’s in store

Behold the Dark Horse
Whose writings grew bold
and comes with him the sun
she’s something we’re told

Suddenly a sound cried out
across the sea , clean blue
surging tide swept them up
split our minds into two

Without warning it came
this wondrous key
Breaking down walls of old class
spilling all your mum’s tea

The cry seemed familiar
but had never been heard
all around the small pool
they spread the new word

The One of the four
first found number Two
while making them smile
and tapping his shoe

The Four of the four
a chap of old Two
he’s young and included
his talent was true

In order to make Four
They needed one more
Their Best was okay
But a Starr is a score

Too large for their pool
it swallowed them whole
then spit them right out
Four minds, Rubber Soul

See the states bitter tears
signal a turn of the page
recall where we all were
fixed on Ed’s grandest stage

The masses encircled them
a new world through new eyes
filling halls with vibrations
hear the stadiums loud cries

As the seasons moved swiftly
these four winds stirred change
from twists to a Sergeant
marvel the scope of this range

The limits of what’s possible
in a sleeve of square white
a blackbird’s sweet cry
in the dead of black night

New tensions arose
pressing hard days on the four
The separation of youth
laid out on the floor

The Four of the four
felt it most, he would say
the mask of contentment
a sad little play

Spiritual in nature
and steady of mind
wanting his own simple peace
the innermost kind

At the foot of the mountain
his journey could start
what the others most wanted
shared no place in his heart

Let tidy it up
he asked of all three
walk the painted train tracks
and let it just be

The appellation of genius
now had its note
taught the world about love
in music he wrote

The Three of the four
always sat in the wings
then proclaimed in the end
what now for the rings

What a glorious time
looking back, he would say
with an octupus in a garden
he begged us to stay

In a land of sea boats
with some help from the three
this man Billy Shears
spoke directly to me

The Two of the four
felt it last, he would say
To mother sweet Mary
he knelt down to pray

One day in the life
his heart torn between
the places he remembered
as far as yesterday it did seem

Jules can’t take this sad song
and turn it around
so get back on a rooftop
make an ending that’s sound

The mystery was magical
watching life still go on
he missed being together
he missed his friend John

The One of the four
felt it first, he would say
I’ve found her, the one
and we’ve gone our own way

He stayed up in bed
and began a revolution
where peace on our earth
is the only solution

He provided a real life
that was never his own
to a small fragile one
witness a man fully grown

Suddenly a voice cried out
a different kind of scream
when the nightmare eclipses
a wonderful dream

Left her, the One
to raise her small son
she knew what he imagined
could not be undone

A loss so severe
but a strength to revere
show me the words of their music
lead me winding back here

For in the end
take what you make
a love without equal
for all humanity’s sake.

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