The Elliptical Evolutionary Circus Part I

Splash in the waters
of a different idea
Where sunsets split heavens
and bring tomorrows so near

His caravan waits
full circle, full mile
Slumped over green hills
brush warmth in a smile

“Let’s leave and raise anchor,”
just a figure of speech
“As we leap straightforward
there’s a lesson to teach”

The Ringmaster is ready
to bring forth what’s new
He knows the excitement
and so does his crew

They’ve made the arrangements
and taken to account
Each and every last person
with a goal to surmount

The small ones are anxious
to get a head start
Yet must follow tradition
an ancient lost art

When all are aboard
the tent spreads her wings
Bright colors of tapestry
woven from more dubious things

Into the hurricane
spin wheels of pure fire
Feeding on oxygen
cheers rise form the choir

The ascent is miraculous
so Tristan takes hold
Of the small ones and dear ones
their inhibitions unfold

So sudden comes pulling
on the wagon’s old core
Sharp cracking and splintering
invites doubt to their door

The Ringmaster is ready
shifting into next gear
Won’t be easy this time
to corner their fear

The anticipation stretched thick
as tall Georgia pine
He shouts, “Pass me that glass
of my old Spanish wine!”

“Just a small sip
fo my wits are about
Keeping goals in my sights
Keeping faithful devout”

The destination is simple
and if you don’t already know
it’s where Sea Pennies swim
and emit a strange glow

The first stop of a tour
is a showcase of wonder
Zeus pulls up a chair
and lays down his thunder

Animals of all breed
unknown creatures with big eyes
Survey the world’s stage
exchange Hello’s and Goodbye’s

Should I dare introduce
the circus key players
Who stand shoulder to shoulder
like smooth even layers?

“I am your Ringmaster
and this is my dream!”
This person journey
like an engine of steam

“Through the most narrow dark tunnel
in the end there’s a light
The tracks are sure sturdy
and the bolts fasten tight”

The Elliptical part goes around
in a constant clear spin
Makes the canyons so grand
fit the head of a pin

“It brings us together
every year, every day
Sharing laughter and joy
I’m pleased to convey”

Evolution is growth
that we strive to achieve
With each production we start
gives us chance to believe

“I’m not alone in my thinking
with me are my friends
We’ll stretch your imagination
Let’s see where it ends”

Wish and wipe the slate clean
where limitations abound
Show what hasn’t been seen
Find what hasn’t been found

I’m ready if you are
to get on with the show
The circus means Life
to those in the know

No need to give names
to the circus large cast
They are a function of sailing
the unwavering mast

They navigate the seas
dance over a wave’s curtain call
For when the sea looms large
The circus grows tall

But the sea was unhappy
with such an ambitious new guest
Poseidon crashed down
on the circus’ best

Tristan called for his map
knowing where to set course
“Put away all the telescopes
I’ll tame the seahorse!”

Off far in the distance
it made itself clear
Mountains of glory
Sorts through mist to appear

A month and a day
Spare an inch like a mile
Caravan arms outreach
for the shore’s sandy pile

Don’t know what morning
the sea broke its hold
Ringmaster’s never lose hope
in changing seasons I’m told;
This is just the first note
of an uncertain life tale
Imagine Evolution Elliptical
as a brilliant Blue whale,
which began as a thought
on an unbalanced scale

More to come…

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