Bad Day

I wanna cry till the blood runs from my eyes
Keep on cryin’ till I fall over dead and die
‘cause every moment of this life I live I despise
I wanna go off and walk away, fade on out like the color gray

I woke up and went to work just like usual
Kept the thought of the dream oh so sensual
Hard sex a great BIG man oh so non-consensual
Is this all I’ve got, some dirty dreams and some pot

At nineteen forever you say it’ll never be like this
You’ve got a cool car a few bucks and the taste of your lovers kiss
Your future before you plenty of dreams on your wish list
One day your gonna have it all but watch out for the peel or you might fall

On many nights just like this I get lost in the wonder
Thoughts collide in my brain they crash and thunder
Of a darker nature I’m closer to surrender
Day’s sunny bright skies of blue, I feel my time here is almost through

I hear the darkness calling me into the breach
I run the other way keeping my soul out of its reach
So many lessons learned so many more to teach
Like a little child lost in a well, will salvation come only time will tell

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