I know what You need from me
It is all so clear
Your fire burns deep within
It is time to begin
Sometimes I struggle hard
As You have seen
Your love is reeling in
It is time to begin
Some people get themselves so caught up living in the everyday world
They never give themselves a chance to begin to do what is right
There are some of us that just carry on, let the day pass until it reaches night
While others get lost in the darkness and never, find their inner light
You can see I am hanging on
Like a button on a coat
You are the thread that keeps me in
It is time to begin
Some people get themselves so hung up living in their mundane life
They never give themselves the hope to begin to use their insight
The rest of us that just keep moving on let the love grow within
While others wander and never rise above to join together in the fight

A manic letter written to Meher Baba in 2006 from beginning to end. No editing or updating of lyrics…one take. This amazing skill as never came back to me and it now appears on my concept album.

Copyright Rich Love © 2008

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