Next to the bathroom sink is
a small picture of Christ,
a button, a paperclip & next
to his face, a Bluetooth

which caused me to wonder
if he again walked physically
among us, would he be
wearing one? Once more both

God & man: eating, sleeping,
sweating, receiving messages
from elsewhere as we do.
How would he see our short-attention

span theatre? Would the beatitudes
be pared back, the ten commandments
be three we could remember?
We would want him to say what is essential

then get on with it. Living
in the moment we forget how we
got here. The calm look would
be disconcerting, the silences diverting

us from streaming on to
where we do not know. There
are so many daily messages to
decipher, we elude the silence

that holds place, slows the race.
Many have their place in a community
of “ghosts” with hundreds of “friends”
they never see. It is pretend reality.

In the zen koan when
you have received the small bowl
and sustenance, wash it clean
for there are others to follow.

Take what is given to you,
use it wisely. For my burden
is light & I alone will always
be with you. Here, take my hand.

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