Years of the good overshadowing the malice which was
No hugs at a time that my only solace was in rhymes
Is due to the few who convinced me that drugs, may be in the future
But as of right now, shouldn’t be my substance in use
Eye to eye
We saw when I had some of the rawest but still felt fraudulent
I gave it up because it felt nothing like the time we spent
On benches
Or floors in my room
Never yours
Or Pier 18 where we never contemplated jumping
But things change
Nothing mind altering
I’m at equilibrium when I think that I can fly away from all this
With one step
Off your roof, which I no longer have access to
So I’ll settle for my ledge
All it will take is one step, because my life will follow the rest
And I can’t soar unless I take a chance
I need to go cause I’m dying to live again
But I’m afraid the sentence will stop short and I’ll just be…
You had this way about you
Kept everything up, with the slightest of touch
Held all the fears back using all of your might
Made this anti-matter kid see stars in the city’s skyline
But now I’ve been left, just like I deserved
On a roller coaster that’s drop is so steep that it disappeared underground
In the middle but no where
In the box, but looks like the owner doesn’t want their lost to be found
I want to thank you
For a lot of things
But most importantly just making this alarm hold off from a ring
That was just bound to happen
Thanks for the words, the speechless moments
The tolerance of my nothingness, even despite its onus
I couldn’t have done it
I’m seeing that I can’t
Thank you for everything
No matter what happens next
Just recognize that it wasn’t in vain
I can’t help it
And you know that
It all would have turned out the same anyway

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