I never thought I’d fall in love with a girl like you
Blonde hair, blue eyes and a smile made just for me
I never saw it coming, but that’s usually how it goes
True love can’t really be found, it finds you when you’re ready to see

I never imagined that God had a plan for the two of us
He sung His song and created our heaven in the universe
I never seemed too proud when our eyes made first contact
And our hearts shared warmth written in His divine holy verse

Sometimes I wonder why
His love as kept us apart
Then you remind me why
It was all for the world

Repeat first verse and replace “girl” with “woman.”

This is a song about your Modern Day Adam & Eve…read “HE WENT TO JARED” for the true story behind Avatar Meher Baba’s first children that started us all. God Bless! We’re Back!

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