Broken Arrow

Incomplete Communicae

If each of us has a purpose, we fulfill that purpose whether we know it or not. As sentient beings created in the image of God to reflect his qualities, we are capable of power beyond the imaginations of the material world. Through our existence within this material world we complete our missions by means of communion. With whom we chose to commune is entirely of our own volition. How we chose to commune is our choice alone. We each chose the fields on which we will complete our tasks. This is the exercise of free will.

Along the path we chose to take in this life we meet with our kindred. These are the souls with which we commune on a spiritual level. The more we recognize our spiritual need and deepen the waters to which we delve to satisfy that need, the deeper our communions shall be.

I chose the life of a martyr for the greater good, knowing in advance that none shall know nor recognize my purpose.

Along the way I meet with my kindred. Some of these are broken souls in search of their own destiny. The damage this world can do to our physical bodies can create friction and chaos. As spiritual beings living in a physical realm the effects of such actions can cause negative vibrations. Once released into the universe these vibrations must be counter acted with an equal and positive vibration in order to maintain balance. The balancing of this force is often called Karma.

I will come across my broken arrows, as they are the communicae that I am pre-ordained to complete. As these martyred days happen I am born, abused and traumatized, killed and born again with a new mission to complete. This is a death on the spiritual plane of course, symbolic not literal. It is the death of the broken and rebirth of the new, a metaphysical resurrection.

Sometimes I am the broken arrow.

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