What’s going on Magic Man right here
My plan is to remove the soothing excuses that are said inside you ear . To unveil the blindfold that hide your eyes closed, that mask and disguise the truth from the youth. Political figures try to unfold and gain political power through telling you lies and not to mention their political ties with pharmaceutical companies giving campaign contributions around this time on the side, on the side, on the side. Zoloft, Prozac, Paxil, Nexium, people wait in line for their prescriptions for all of them, but what’s really next to them is the grim reaper with an open grave for Mike, Karen, Jill, and Dave or poor African American people because we are all just modern day slaves or at least that’s what the government portrays us as, and just like General Petraeus has the government betrayed us and never had our backs. Giving a tax break to the rich asking poor people again just to be their b*tch. Here is a few things that I wish Bush did.
Get bushwhacked in Bushwick
Get attacked in Iraq and blown up in little pieces and bits just like the kids of the innocent.
This sh*t really makes me sick. Now you can see what the government’s focus really is instead of spending money on education for the kids or shelters for the homeless to live.
So much bullsh*t for us to fix. I have a few point s and I promise I will be real quick.

Global warming is storming our nation, we facing environmental gifts being replaced with man made desecration.

I am still waiting for solar energy to take over my life but that might take a lifetime and that just ain’t right.

Time is fleeting were needing a new leader and a new reason. In our nation that wasting away, but all we have to see on TV. Screens is propaganda from all the people that are trying to take his seat. So as far as I can see this nation is doomed, but maybe you should ask you government officials what’s going on and not listen to me.

It’s all bullsh*t!!!

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