Bush Regime

We walk, blindly, dividedly, seperate. Thats why we can’t get together on the economy, people focused on hitting the lottery. Its sodomy on the society. We getting fucked on all angles, straight up strangled, chewed up and mangled by all these government organizations. Its hell on earth and wheres satan. Were facing a financial meltdown because we let all these companies be runned by clowns. What now? Attacks on Afghanistan instead of letting our soldiers come back home to the motherland. Catastrophies overseas leave us to lead the weak but were weak in our own goddamn country whose gonna set us free from our poverty stricken cities like New Orleans. Epidemic with pregnant teens. Another school shooting happened this week but not in America, overseas in Germany. At 17 you think you know what life means. I just want to live the American dream, kill, lie, cheat, steal, just like the Bush Regime.

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