By Choice, and no Choice at all.

I read by choice
And no choice at all
I read and rejoice
Though rejoiced I fall

I fall by choice
And no choice at all
I happily rejoice
When I rise from a fall

I rise by choice
And no choice at all
I rise and rejoice
As I stretch out tall

I stretch by choice
And no choice at all
I stretch my voice
To thy hearts I call

I call by choice
And no choice at all
I call and rejoice
Though rejoiced I fall

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  1. First, I readily admit to being more cynical than you are. “Love is the answer” went out with the sixties. We need pragmatic solutions in difficult times. Knowledge without power is only knowledge. The ability to apply wisdom gained from knowledge and experiences comes with a long journey. I am also a believer, but not in the superfluous. In this poem ‘By Choice…’ are you wallowing in the concept of predestination or am I missing something? Criticism aside, that you believe in finding answers through faith is something. Please see clearly what is in the known world and God bless you.

  2. William,
    Thank you for your comment. I appreciate the input and I like your perspective. To answer your question, I am not intending to wallow in the concept of predestination (Though, I may be?). This poem is an observation of myself and the constant paradox which seems to in-circle my existence. Besides, isn’t life somewhat of a battle between Free-Will and Fate with each side constantly pushing and pulling at one another? In a way I think I’m questioning the relationship between Freedom and Fate. In writing this poem I was thinking about many different things including:
    My pleasures like reading, stretching, rejoicing, calling out to others. My trials and tribulations, times when I was down in life and times when I was strong. I am also touching on the flux of my emotions, the up and down cycle of rejoicing and falling, and the irony to me is that it doesn’t matter whether I make a conscious choice or if I mindlessly give way to natural compulsion because either way I have times of elation and times of depression.
    Thank you William, May God Bless you as well.

  3. Rick,
    Thank you for your thoughtful return. I have debated with others the free-will vs. predestination. St. Augustine and John Calvin both believed in the Divine knowing all that will happen regarding salvation. Many issues: does pre-knowledge of all to come apply only to God’s actions and deeds or all of mankind? I like the concept that it is through our efforts,(I am Roman Catholic,) combined with expecting all things through grace that brings best results. Matthew 9.29, “Then he touched their eyes saying, ‘according to your faith let it be to you.’” So, Rick may we all choose our actions wisely. Be of good cheer, Will

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