Carpe Deim

I know I’m blessed
but the what If’s got me thinkin out loud
Tryna get up out the hood
One day maybe rock the crowd
and these cowards aint sh*t
They don’t scare me a bit
I ain’t worried bout a bullet
I know life’s a b*tch
So why
would I focus on the negative
I’m positive my future look bright
Got my foot up in this college sh*t
Destined for greatness
Mama said that I’ma Queen
These ignorant dudes could never sale me a dream
The lil mama’s gotta know what they about
That’s why I give it to them raw every time I spit it out
Nobody else gone do it
Worried bout they jewlz and shoes
Cars and rims acting like modern day coons
Call it what you want
this sh*t is type redundant
If you bought the BS have ya money refunded.

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