Category: Penman Lounge

  • Special Place

    For you I would I would hold back the pressures and uncertainties of the day And bring you to your special place with the scent of pine in the air… The warmth of the crackling fire bathing us in its topaz glow. I would make you a comfortable bed of leaves and pine, covered with […]

  • I Watch

    I watch you move about I know you are aware of me Like I am aware of you. The air sweetly fragrant With the scent of sex Thinly veiled by flowers And candles. I breathe it in and deeply Sigh. It warms me.. Fills me. Flesh reacts. You pretend to not notice.. But I see […]

  • I Await You

    Late afternoon a chill in the air which shimmers with tiny moist prisms catching the late pale sun… The window is open a slight breeze parts the curtains a little allowing a tiny bit of light to stream into the dimness.. Within I await you… in my bed on soft cotton sheets leaning against fluffed […]

  • To Be In Moonlight

    Warm steamy day moves into evening. The sun takes it’s final bow as One by one the stars comeout twinkling like little fairy lights. I stand here outside catching what little breeze there is… suddenly a cloud drifts by and reveals the moon… its pearl like glow washing over everything into a silver white shimmer […]

  • Repast

    Shades drawn….little filters of light making their way in between the slots…dust motes dancing in the light…the sweet, lulling sound of a nocturne fills the room… I sit here leaning against the pillows…my head resting against the board…I pick up the rose and sniff it’s lush fragrance… then stroke my cheek and sigh…a sigh of […]

  • I Feel You

    I Feel You When I hug you, you know what I feel? I feel your heart. I feel your body. I feel the blood pulsing through your veins. I feel the fact that you are a living, breathing human being. When I see you, I feel you. When I touch you, you know what I […]

  • An Adventure

    On one solemn Hollow’s Eve, We both did ride the train All the way to Williamsburg Sheltered from the rain. I was naked under my coat, You had green upon your face, Above ground it was so cold, We had to run a little race. Down the block and up the stairs, Through the door […]