Special Place

For you I would I would hold back the pressures and
uncertainties of the day
And bring you to your special place with the scent of
pine in the air…
The warmth of the crackling fire bathing us in its
topaz glow.
I would make you a comfortable bed of leaves and pine,
covered with a thick soft quilt stitched with my love.

I would bring to your lips wine chilled by the
coolness of the nearby pond and kiss off the drops
that cling to them….
With my hands I would remove our clothing for there to
be no barriers between us
lay you down and entwine your body with mine so where
you begin I end…
We will dance among the infinite stars…. ride the
comets…discover new worlds….pick one and call it
our own
so when apart we will look to the ink black sky and
see “our world” shining bright…
joining us here on earth in it’s light…

Let me take you there soon….

Copyright Catherine Anne Hayes © 2005

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