Clear Skies

I can see many changes
In the way of helping one another
It’s no surprise how we can rebuild life Just by coming together
I’m looking back On the shadows of the past
But sometimes I get discouraged
In a world that’s overcast
Walking in the sunlight at night
It’s hard when you can’t see the day
Searching for sunshine at night
Sometimes dreams are like a lighthouse in the dark
And I think it’s me, but I could be wrong
Running over and down steep hills
I can’t begin to explain
The frustration that fuels me inside
Sometimes every day
Seems like the same as the one before
And if I recall any moments of love
I hold on to them close and forevermore
I can’t begin to explain
But there’s something wrong
And it’s fighting from east to west
Seems like life is a pest
I can’t begin to explain
The feelings I have inside
I keep trying to tear down
My walls deep inside
When really I just hide
So don’t come looking for me
Clear skies above us in my mind
But there’s something wrong
And it’s in the world
But I’m not going to worry today
Everything’s fine to me my Lord

12 Principles leading to world peace:

– Honesty (within oneself)
– Hope (and rising above hope)
– Faith (beyond religion)
– Courage (to push through the obstacles)
– Integrity (within oneself and in others)
– Willingness (to transcend beyond the beyond)
– Humility (all we need is love)
– Brotherly & sisterly love (you know what I’m talking about)
– Justice (leaving all results entirely to LOVE)
– Perseverance (why gave up? We made it this far)
– Spirtual Awareness (It’s time to slowly awaken from the dream)
– Service (we should service somebody beyond ourselves)

True love is no game!!!

Copyright Rich Love © 2008

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