I place my deepest thoughts on this paper, hoping somebody reads it.
Put my life out there like a spectacle, hoping somebody sees it.
I envision all the tension not shown on television.
People struggling to the end to just wind up at the beginning.
The whole world needs an intervention.
See my brother as an ally instead of competition.
I’ve been blessed with a world of flaws.
A world with many closed doors for you and yours living life poor.
Shots in the air, empty shells on the floor.
How can our country go to Iraq with these internal wars.
Racism, fascism, the blacks the hell with them.
That’s the words from the mouth of these government dogs.
Would you life your life for nothing?
Or would you die for a cause?
I see lives lost everyday.
, over bitches, weed, and Alize.
Even heard one about a video game.
It use to be bitches, Jordan’s and cocaine.
Before that bitches, heroin and gold chains.
For a food stamp now get a slug to the brain.
There’s no signs of a hero.
There’s no signs of a change.
We must be self productive if we wish to sustain.


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