I watch the jubilation
Of the millions, of the nation
And awe struck how one man could bring back our belief, as a whole
On some catch phrases that we should have learned a real long time ago
And I wonder
How will they feel when his appeal doesn’t stretch past the inauguration?
And we are left to fend for ourselves
It wouldn’t be any different, but the disappointment will be unparalleled
If they saw that no matter who headed the throne, our lives only existed in nightmares
I shudder to think of the consequences…
But I watched the jubilation, and I understood the faith in
That man
I had it before I started looking at the facts
But I fight with myself
I ask “if we are stuck in this corrupt, democratic system
And only the fakes and bought-offs can be elected,
Why not him?
His face alone will be the emblem for the possibilities of everyone
No youth being excluded, giving life to rhetoric ‘We can do this’
Seeing older generation’s faces, you can tell this is their reparation
His speeches have the same rhythm of those who marched
He is the culmination of many lifetimes waited,
He is the reason our ancestors survived”
How can I argue with that?
As I watch the jubilation, I realized the trepidation
Among the many just looking to get our collective soul back
We believe in all his statements because all we’ve had is specifics of hatred
The future – his vague statements let us create our own
The people made the selection, but the important choices never given to them
We the people, have mobilized and believed in something beyond our minds
That defies all logic.
So my hope is that we take this power and use it
Outside of voting booths
This thought that we can make anything happen if we believe in the action and put to work his maxims
Don’t look for a savior to shoulder our burdens
But cope with the fact that it is all up to us
And embrace that
Be the person you want to see the world become
So whether or not I’m wrong about the person that triumphed in this election,
I want everyone to use him as their stepping stone
Don’t wait for presidents to save you
Be that allegory you’ve been waiting for
And that will be the change I can believe in

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