Corporate Speak

We have packaged all the deals,
though they are combustible,
into a great bundle that congeals
for your dining and dancing pleasure.

Please accept a token gratuity
before we eat your lunch.
We surge, we merge, and urge you to
remain silent and uninterested

in our gradual debasement of all
you hold dear. Is that clear?
You are not covered in any policy
we hold, but also you are not covered

in oil. Be grateful, just fold.
We could clue you in, but we hope
you remain clueless. Stand over there,
there will be some nugget bits

plus chits for you to sign
before all dignity is gone, & you
are in a bind. Hey, there is still music
as you know, and we as yet do not control

all its flow. Night gathers us high above.
Do not look up. Do not cough. Do not
organize against us,
for the gloves will come off.

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