Your heart is singing life is gold star
So joyous the relationship has come so far
He’s the man of your dreams with livable flaws
He buys you flowers just because
He has your heart
And so you start
Building a life with a white picket fence
On several occasions you have ignored
When your intuition has implored
For you to review prince charming grace
Without rose colored glasses strapped to your face
One fine day just by chance
You happen to take a random glance
upon evidence that’s So concrete
You must face the fact that he’s a cheat
Its hard to breathe, your hearts like stone
This went on while you were sharing a home
You feel like a fool, and ignorant dunce
It obviously happened a lot more than once
It’s no use to even try denying
For the past few years he’s been lying (in someone else’s bed)
You’re devastated and seething mad
But in due time you will be so glad
That his ugly colors eventually showed
This prince was really a toad

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