Distortion Distraction

Distortion/Distraction strong, feeble or weak reaction
Distortion/Distraction a leader for change and maturation for a doomed nation, this is surely a distraction that we are all facing. Fake politicians with fake words and a fake message for all of us to listen. They cook up a storm and blow smoke up our ass inside of our homes, inside my grandma’s kitchen while my grandma’s wishing her soul’s at rest while the perfect explanation for all this sh*t would be better social security. Medicare, and a government that really gives a sh*t whether your here or there, alive or dead. Then she tries to digest a pill the size of her head for her heart while the pharmaceutical companies ceo’s lye in their big ass beds not caring whether or not my grandmas alive or even dead. Now the lobbyists get the seats and then fight for something that they don’t even believe or need to survive this is the classic example of distortion/ distraction right in front of your eyes.

Don’t let words get distorted and distract from the real issues.

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