People taking chances without any rhythm or reason
I can’t help from wondering if every day is a big story
Living gets harder by the moment when you’re going downhill
It takes all I have not to lose myself in worry

I’ve been up and down round and round
And when I believe to understand things
I’m the farthest from the truth

Every day seems the same as yesterday
Sometimes I can’t help from feeling angry with today

I’ve been coasting downhill living wild
I think about the choices I’ve made and the damage done
I’m just coasting along

There’s a child inside and he likes to hide
Don’t know why I act like an imbecile
I’m further from the truth than ever before

It’s downhill from here on out
But I’m not letting it ruin my tomorrow
And every time I think I’m ahead
I’m further behind than ever before

I’m living for tomorrow
And slowly changing the choices I made today
By being here now.

The sun is always shining behind the clouds. In my twenties I always knew how to think from the end even during my lowest point. I’ve always wanted more for others than wanting for myself even if I appeared self-centered at times. It was the only process I knew how to change my life and street drugs helped in that journey of self-discovery. Begin to see the good in the bad and learn to be an appreciator of all walks of life.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Copyright Rich Love © 2008

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