Prepares for the impact
Every morning, he prepares
Falling away
Hard time deciding whether he should
A- enjoy the levity
Or B – get ready for the rock bottom of it all
Pain, is a feeling he cannot get use to
Knows it, has been its pupil
Wants to learn something else, for a change
But knows the lesson, through repetition, awaits his first step
So he: prepares

The cocoon that wraps him now, is warm
Like former winter nights, made possible by his mother
She, is not a factor, anymore
So he waits, wishing he could bring this with him
Like his barricade, as his protection
His armor guarding against inflictions
Or even just an explanation
To himself
“The process is necessary
Look at us, we are growing
Be proud of the ending yet to come”

But the waking sounds bring naked
Feet, against bitter, concrete
No buffers, no ifs, no buts
All those struck down by reality
So he prepares

This cocoon might hatch one day, he thinks
If he gave it more time
But he doesn’t, has never had, more time
Can’t take that chance like the next step is forgiving

Loves this place
But home leaves every time it sees the sun
One day, he will lay here forever, he promises
He promises, that one day, he will leave
When it does

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