Empty Face and Flash of Death


He soaked his mind
Into the sky
To absorb life
He could not find.

Distorted views
Decay within
The come down drowns him
Slowly to the end.
No drugs can cure
His deepest fear
Out of his brain
He tries to maintain.

Just another
Lonely soul
Soon to die from the taste
Of an empty face.


To the human eye
a flash
To the soul
a crash
The feeling of death
deep within
the flesh of soul
No release
nor be relaxed
Like an axe to a heart
flash of death.

Rich Love (True suffering can lead to true happiness)

This poem was written and published in Images on the Wind (1987) when I was (Rich Hess) a sad teenager in Edina High School using everything and anything (drugs) to escape so-called reality. I was always searching for the absolute reality and the TRUTH. At age 39, I found it in Avatar Meher Baba.

Copyright Rich Love © 2008

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