Eyes Of The Son

EYES OF THE SON Looking into the eyes of her son
Gazing through the windows of her soul
Giving all that she could
Blaming all that she wants, but herself
She’s just a mother
She won’t let him go
She’s just a mother
Never let’s him grow
When I look up to the heavens
My story unfolds
Sometimes I feel I’m motherless But I don’t let myself worry
She’s just a woman
Having trouble letting go
She’s just my mother
It’s hard for herself to grow Looking through the eyes of the son
Gazing into the window of his soul
Every new morning reflects another
And she loves him so, but
She’s just a mother
Having trouble letting go
She’s just a woman
It’s hard to allow herself to grow Rich Love

This poem was written to my mother I haven’t spoke to going on years. I was locked in a psych ward for lies she told Hennepin County and made my life a living hell. My mother was mad that I loved my grandmother as much as I do. I thank my mother now because I now know she has childhood issues to work out and she inspired me to write my concept album “TRANSCENDENCE.” Thanks MOM!!! When you can make peace with your mother then we will have peace. Be Happy, Don’t Worry.

Copyright Rich Love © 2008

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