For Eddie Boucher 3/14/2011 A Friend, A Brother in law

The memory I have of the 4 of us
is this….
Years ago
on a weekend night after dinner
in your living room
a bit tipsy
a little high
“Rumours” on the stereo
Your 2 sweet daughters
in the other room playing
and getting ready for bed
bursting into the run
blonde curls flyings
giggling and thrusting themselves
into arms willing
to give good night kisses and cuddles
She stands in the door
Watching the scene
mother love glowing on her face
she sings along to the music
and he notices
and starts to sing with her
dance with her
the girls snuggle on our laps
and watch their parents dance
something special is happening
this night
a twinkle in his eye
an answering one in hers…….
a blessed moment
We leave them alone
and put the girls to bed
We leave the music
We leave the magic
of the 2 of them
soon to create another
a beautiful baby girl

Blessed and magic moments
are to be remembered and loved
Thank you for this one Eddie

God Speed Eddie.  May you enjoy yourself up there in heaven with all your family especially with our beautiful Stacey!

All our love,   Cathie & Walter

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