For Lil’ Buddy

On a cold February afternoon 2 years ago
our lives were forever changed when
we saw your picture
we fell in love
a phone call made and lots of questions
Then off in the car
half our later you are here
you are home
our Lil’ Buddy
With one tiny step at a time and lots of love
and care you bloomed
and grew to trust us
and love us…
with Bella Bird we were a family
A wonderful loving family for 2 magical years
of many cuddles, kisses, giggles, adventures, sharing food…
parties with friends
and times of companionable silence…
A blessed shining 2 years
whose light has dulled now
You are gone now our precious Lil’Buddy
Gone from this life
but a light in our hearts…
We love you..
We will never forget you sweet Bud Bud.

4 Feb 2010 Copyright catherine hayes ulasins

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