Forgive Me

For being everything you needed and then checking out
How could you know if I didn’t what I was about?
For being the thickest of contradictions
Life description only changed in intonation
For dying on the inside, but sailing on the out
But hearing only my heart when it asked to migrate south
Or whatever
Direction that faced away from you
Value feel more than past days
My molecules only recognize gravitational pull…
For seeing you wholly
You needing me what you need me to be
Chameleoned as holy
Your tranquil landscape
Excused the scorched soil’s uptake
Hell raised in a snow globe
You watch
It burn
In all of its glory
Flames are fine with you as long as it’s contained
But went
More or less for the better
Wouldn’t want a mental breakdown
You realizing that there is more to life than your shape
Round and round.
For preferring schwiggly lines than your taste
For putting me before you
For once
For the last time
For being able to only to give an apology and explanation in rhyme
I needed to drain the reservoirs to see how far I can go on E
I needed
My own
Forgive me

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