Happy Hour

Lets go out for just one drink
We’ll be home by 11 don’t ya think?
A few sips of wine to pass the time
A mug of beer to lend some cheer
The birds are chirping and the sky is blue
Until someone buys a shot for you
You’re on the fence but you can still
Stop that car from going down hill
Familiar intersection which way shall I go?
Refill the goblet of merlot
It’s the wrong turn you can bet
I might as well have a cigarette
Happy hours, hours and hours…
I think ill have one of those whisky sours
Something to enhance you’re alegria?
send over a pitcher of sangria
It REALLY is a crying shame
Now that you’ve veered into the brake down lane
One final vodka tonic
That relationship used to be platonic
A glass of champagne would really be neat
But now your buckled in you’re new best friend’s passenger seat
The birds aren’t chirping and the sky is grey
Tis not a lovely day
Scary flashbacks and a vile headache
You should have pulled the emergency brake.

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