Haves and Have Nots

It’s a cold world out there,
the haves versus the have nots,
so unfair,
that the poor worry for food,
the rich without care,
certain things we should share,
imagine living without air,
or no coats for your kids and its brick outside,
black girl lost,
turning tricks outside,
and just last week one of my mans died,
victim of a drive by,
ain’t reach 25,
so much pain in our lives,
but we keep it inside,
system designed to f*ck us,
the beast eatin our pride,
but Babylon fall soon come,
instead of spittin what sells,
I spit the truth from my tongue,
lighting bolts of wisdom,
like Zeus Imma come,
not for drama son,
only revolution,
not Nasir,
but I got myself a gun,
shot the Sheriff,
now they got the brother on the run…

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