The Bush Years

The overnight low can get you high make you fly ain’t no lie you don’t need a weather vane to feel the hard rain and you don’t need a weather man to keep you out of Iraq or Iran . You just need a plan. The duly elected administration caused such frustration with their verbal masturbation. They stole from the poor gave to the rich ain’t that a bitch when they switch meaning in mid-stream. The men in control got not soul. They treat mother earth like a toilet bowl. They hurl their destruction in every direction then use our taxes for their reconstruction label every objection to their action as unpatriotic that’s very neurotic nearly psychotic spending time in a place that spills the blood and takes the lives leaving legions of young widowed wives.
The terrorist with his hooded head doesn’t give a shit if he’s wakes up dead because he believes in his own destiny, but the chances are slim that waiting for him will be twelve laughing virgins trying and vying to give him head on a heavenly bed so fill him with lead and make sure that he’s dead before he can kill and cause to maim doing more of those thing he’s done in Allah’s name.

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