How We Think of Vinny

How We Think of Vinny
Blue Jeans and an Islanders teeshirt.
A shy smile
a wicked twinkle in his eye.
What thoughts were going on in his head?
They say still waters run deep
that may be the case
Our Vinny
one thing we know
he was lovable.
You couldn’t help but love him.
Proud to be a Brooklyn boy
and being a New Yorker  he
never felt the need to explore beyond it environs
New York was his
All that he loved and needed was there.
The Islanders
The Yankees
Spumoni Gardens
His family
and most importantly his Dawn.
His other half.
Though he was silent you could see
in his eyes
how he loved her
and oh
how she loved him.
one of the other.
We are not going to say good bye sweet Vinny
for that is final….
We wish you God speed
May you fly with the angels and play hockey with them amongst the stars!
With ALL our never ending love…..Aunt Cathie and Uncle Walter
copyright 30 August 2010 catherine hayes ulasinski

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