I know I need a bandaid

After running up a down a mountain
Come back to the house feeling accomplished
Take off my sweaty clothes
And put the wet clothes in the drier

I try very hard to be perfect
No one can complain if you don’t do anything wrong

These difficult words seem to always escape me when I am near paper

I put myself in purposeful challenging situations.
I want to explain in detail what this means but my
Intensions are questionable at best

Being average is dieing!
I want to be a role model of perseverance.
I want to be revered

Pity can only get you so far
Especially if you know it is pity that you seek
It becomes pathetic

As the strut around the house naked
Feeling a sense of pride and disgrace about my new found awareness
I am afraid of who I really am or might become

I think I have myself figured out
My ego says don’t settle
You are better than this

Reality says I have to do something
I know what I want to do
But think about the restrictions against it

I figure this out when I am in the shower
With my ego bruised I step out
I slip on the wet floor

My foot is bleeding
My body lies flat
I know I need a bandaid

But do I also need a therapist?

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