I Question I Wonder

I question I wonder

we are
that we don’t see
the real beauty
and gifts
that are around us.
Always looking
for other things
that really
don’t matter
we think
they do
why must people
and rush through
and spoil
precious moments
that can not
be recaptured

What is wrong with us?

Have we forgotten
how to live?
to feel joy?
to be human?

I truly wonder…

Is there hope
for us?
Is there still
a spark inside
of us
that will ignite
and flare
bring us to
our better selves
feel the love
the passion
the beauty
our true souls
that lives inside
of us?

I wish
I hope
I pray

I can not give up on us

I will not give up on us

Call me
the hopeless
and foolish
who even though
life has battered
me around
still chases rainbows
and sunsets
and still
believes in
in the clouds
happily ever after…
is my nature
I can not help it
I will always
look for the best
inside of a person
and feel the best
of them first
I will stop
and smell
the sweet scent
of the roses
I will always
believe in
the power
the magic
the glory
of love

copyright catherine anne hayes 1/26/2012

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