I’d like to see your credentials

Why did Jesus and Buddha have to teach others?
It sounds to me like being enlightened was not enough
So they had to share it with others

We will never know their internal dialog or reasoning to lend a helping hand
If the major role models of a religion were teachers
Is it enough to be just a follower?

Are the teachers more enlightened than the students?
Should it be your calling to spread the good word with others?
How could you justify anything else?
Would this make you altruistic or completely self centered?

Could we live like these famous teachers without religion?
If they knew they were starting a religion would they have stopped?

We don’t know about Buddha or Jesus until they were 30
Does that mean everything I do until then will be forgiven if I change the world?
Does anyone know a good school that offers a credential?
I have 4 years

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