I’m Coming Back

The universe has played the most devilish of tricks on me.
This is Karma on a grand scale, a significant hurdle on the path to highest destiny.
I have met and loved the man of my dreams.
I have lived and wept in his arms, this man from my dreams.
He is more then what I could have imagined and with him comes great pain.
He also embodies everything I loathe in a man.
What horrific irony!
He appears on the scene, seductive and determined, conquering aggressively.
He must have what he came for and what he does get he keeps.
He’s chained me up for I am bound by his rhapsody.
I just may declare that he is the first to whip me.
Such a sweet and fragile beauty he declares.
Surely I can trifle and yet go free.
At no time did he ever think that in my arms his heart he would leave.
Such a loss is far more then what he could take.
You see he’s traveled down this path before and in that past his soul did break.
He never dreamed that once again such feelings could be aroused within him.
He never dreamed that once again he would seek to dive in.
He stumbles thought the gates of time merging past and present, heaven and hell.
He begs for mercy then more then none, he begs to draw her well.
Insanity arrives and madness thrives at the thought of someone ringing her bell.
He collects himself and bids her adieu, if he’ll return she cannot tell.

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