I’m sorry you’re not gainfully employed

You’re rounding the bend towards middle age
Not even earning minimum wage
you’re parents are so very annoyed
That you have never really been gainfully employed
A briefcase and Brooks Brothers you have not
Himalayan satchel and Birkenstocks is what you’ve got
Occasional jobs to keep the shoestring from breaking
Canoe guide, den leader and martini shaking
Did you have any entrepreneurial contemplation
While shining slot machines on the reservation?
Did you perhaps think there may be something better
While you were knitting that Alpaca sweater?
But you’ve been to Paris and you’ve been to France
Maria Maria taught you to Tango Dance
You scaled Everest and made it alive
But you are terrified of 9-5
A free spirit -that you are
But you have no money to buy a car
You must think that this is the way
How much do you have in you’re 401K?
It’s no fun being old and poor
With arthritis and strokes knocking at your door
A nest egg is vital so get in gear
Please don’t wait not another year
To start a career that you won’t abhor
You might start by interviewing with the Peace Corps (1-800-4xx-8580)

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