In and Out

Mastery of the conflict
Defense mode, all your moves encoded
In my movements
Follow blindly so you have the reinforcements
You don’t need
I’m down for, anything, you ask for
Until it dawns on me that I needed a little more
Than a brain of a drone that was a never ending problem that wasn’t my own
Gotta go…
So I wait on your call
I laid by the phone because I was waiting to fall
For you, and your pass times
Your trail, and my confines
Your disappearing act was damn sexy when the whole room was black
But when the sun comes up, I can only see myself
And the grasping for straws, the looks of my fall
The drawing your pictures on ceilings and walls
I couldn’t anymore
It’s hard cause I know you’ll be back, you’re sure I’ll be here
But the problem is that you know when and where
And I couldn’t keep a straight face if asked if you care
Mastery of patience, or obediently head whipped, pathetic
Not really, with the former
Was just being polite
I couldn’t… anymore
So this one will be different
I close myself off to not let her know that I’m willing
Way more than able to be all that she doesn’t even need
So I’m out to show her that she needs to give it all for me
But me, she isn’t
And I liked her originally because she didn’t want to be
So she appropriately did what took me so long to do
Left, without all the baggage
Left, for me
My past apparently has perpetual consent to make my future have a gray heavy tint
You heard it
So no denying you’re your own reoccurring burden

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