Journal Entry

Write down your prospects
Your seeds of hope rest between the pad and the ink
Light hearted subjects are
Non-ending objects
Contours running deep into the sun’s gaze
Our theories on darkness can slow dance with our deepest thought’s silhouettes
Your mind can be still in your eye of the storm if your pen allows the silence to mourn
Parallels of unmarked synergy can be handed down like dowries
We can wed our unmentionable tensions
And learn of each other on time taken by an hour glass filled to the brim with compassion
Hands on the sundial under a horizon forever set ease the chains on running time’s boundaries
Forever we can drift away on a raft made of memories etched in enclaves of our mind’s crevices
Without missing anything

Lost in an ocean used for stationery’s compulsion
Black water never before used to restore life
Or what fingertips hold can jettison the sun and bring upon the night
If you need it
All emotions revisited but
Never repeated

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