Internal Fight Club

I feel the best way to get over my thoughts is to accept them.
If I don’t accept my thoughts they fester in my head
I don’t accept the thoughts as truth, just their existence

Once they are acknowledged I cannot deny their existence.
I try to hold them loosely and
Not let them direct me or my expectations.

Keeping my ideas in check is a very difficult process.
Writing down my thoughts is like personal therapy
From my head into the alphabet soup on the page

By accepting my thoughts I can share them and move on
Thoughts catch up with me eventually so
Damming them is not my best approach.

The more I fight the ideas the more they fight back.
Let the idea cast the first stone
Then put it on paper.

Does it look different to you when it is written?

The greatest trick the Devil ever played was convincing the world he did not exist
Make your Devil real and confront it.
Maybe you will learn something from yourself or open your eyes to new possibilities

Once you accept that you might be weird, unique, or crazy
You start to realize that dealing with your issues makes
You more human than the ever expected

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